Interprocess Calls with Common Lisp


This is a simple CL wrapper for the libc-calls to do IPC.

Sample Client

You can build the sample client application using a simple call to GCC:
 gcc -g "sample-client.c" -o "sample-client"
The you can pass messages to a listener using
 ./sample-client -k 2222 -p "message in a bottle"


After loading the CL-IPC code using
 (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :cl-ipc)
 (use-package :cl-ipc)
you can start a very simple IPC listener that will terminate when it receives the message "quit" like this:
 (do-msg-queue (message 2222)
     (format t "Received Message \"~a\"" message)
     (when (string= "quit" message)
This will listen on the queue and evaluate the body code whenever there is a message.

If you need to do other things inbetween you can pass the argument :nowait and then test the resulting message. When it's nil the queue returned immediately without result:

 (defun idle-function ()
   ;; ...
   (sleep 1))

 (do-msg-queue (message 2222 :nowait t)
       ((null message)
         (format t "Received Message \"~a\"" message)
         (when (string= "quit" message)
An that's about all there is to it.

Mailing Lists


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